If you have not received a Hawaii Restaurant Card and think you’re eligible, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Check your eligibility here.
  2. If you are eligible to receive a Hawaii Restaurant Card, call the Customer Service toll-free number at 1.800.352.5202.
  3. Report your Card lost/stolen and a Call Center Agent will assist you.

Start using your Hawaii Restaurant Card

The Hawaii Restaurant Card is a limited access Card containing funds provided by the State of Hawaii as part of the Economic Relief Program.

Use of this Card is limited to purchases of food and non-alcoholic beverages at eating establishments, restaurants and fast food restaurants in the State of Hawaii.

Use of the Hawai‘i Restaurant Card will not impact SNAP and Medicaid benefits or eligibility.

economic impact payments card

For general program information, email HRC@cochawaii.org or call 808-825-4904

How to get started icon

How to get started

  • Activate your Hawaii Restaurant Card, set your 4-digit PIN and get your balance by calling toll-free 1.800.352.5202
  • Read your Agreement which also contains the fee schedule associated with this Hawaii Restaurant Card
  • Sign the back of your Hawaii Restaurant Card and keep it in a safe place
How to use your Card icon

How to use your Hawaii Restaurant Card1

  • Your Hawaii Restaurant Card can only be used at restaurants in Hawaii to help support the local economy
  • The funds on your Hawaii Restaurant Card are available to use in accordance with your Agreement
  • Any funds remaining on your Hawaii Restaurant Card as of December 15, 2020 at 11:59 pm will be returned to the State of Hawaii
How to get your balance icon

How to get your balance

1Certain transaction and service fees and costs may be associated with the use of the Hawaii Restaurant Card. Please see your Agreement on HawaiiRestaurantCard.com for more information.